WHAT A BUMM YEAR! My heart goest to all of you graduates of 2020. This Year feel like a set back but don't! don't event tell your self that. We could still make it fun. COVID-19 will not stop us from at least celebrating the fact that you're done with school this year. I know social distancing is a must... but it does not prevent us from taking pictures and recording this memory that will be forever on our history books. This generation is all about selfies, selfie sticks and photographer to help take those awesome pictures. Slap on the portrait mode on your phone and add a cute filter. Guys add a blue styled filter or warm. If you can't edit on phone download Snap Seed! best free editing app ever!!!

If you're asking your self "so if I want to hire a photographer, what then?

Well, speaking from experience, the good thing is that today everything is electronic so photographer can take picture of you "best in the outdoors" post on online gallery where you have the option of buying prints online so everyone safe. PRECAUTIONS FOR SESSION IS: Plenty of hand sanitizes and mask on. As it is we do need our distance and to take photos and the best part is that for those candid shots we have awesome lenses that can do it for us from a distance. We'll hope this help drop a line on Insta or FB if it did.

Chao everyone!