Let's talk about Spring Maternity Sessions...

I love Outdoor Maternity Sessions, Those green are coming in, Flowers are starting to bloom, Weather feels good on the skin, BUT.... there's always a but, BUGS are here to. So with that being said, Yes!, you have to prepare well for these session. Small advice, bring a bug spray. I as a photographer always do so. Just in case. Nothing more annoying than having bugs all over wile your trying to pose with your family and everyone making funny faces instead do to those tiny little critters. Water a secondary must... you will get tired and bit exhausted even tho it's just a hour or two outdoors it might feel like workout. Last but not least, a rag, baby wipes etc., You never know. Don't worry, photos are always going to come out great.


  1. Bug Spray
  2. Water
  3. Wipes or clean rag

Snacks are tempting but maybe a ball or toy instead to keep the kids distracted and occupied wile taking the solo Maternity shots. Snack is only going to add crumbs and food coloring dyes. specially NO CHEETOS! speaking from experience, please save your self from your self.